Brain Development made easy with Linking Memory

It is a known fact that the brain development in a child starts taking place from a tender age. The kind of conditioning given to the child contributes to the enhancement which is carried forward into adulthood.

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Mandala- A catalyst to capture perfect memories!

I was very keen that my four year old daughter explores a new age activity of visualization and knowledge called “Mandala”. Every child is unique and every flexible to allow themselves to emerge into beautiful young spirits.

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Energy absorption techniques for a positive transformation

The power to absorb energy and to utilise it in the right way is essential for carrying out any tasks. During the studies carried out by the scientists on brain development, they suggested that things can be done

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Musical Empathy-Gateway to unwind and boost your brain capacity

There is no doubt that music is a great self healing technique. Irrespective of our religious or cultural backgrounds all of us love music and are touched by every rhythm of it. One of the ways to heal the mind and body is with the help of musical instruments.

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Develop photographic memory with Flash Cards

Going back to my school days, I used to find learning difficult and would often resort to cramming of information. I cannot tell you the kind of struggle I went through especially when the content needed to be penned down during the exam.

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Speak more with the magic of Foreign Languages

Language learning until now was mainly focused on the arena for brain development or memorization. There is nothing wrong with these approaches however they do not contribute to the overall workings of the brain. Learning foreign language is more a natural process which may be

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Revive your brain cells with Alpha Wave Meditation

Parents play a very crucial role in the growing years of children. This is the time to contribute in the lives of our little ones, the benefits of which can be reaped by them in the coming years.

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Get budding children with Right Brain learning!

As we all have seen there are some children who are fascinated with the idea of doing any creative activity. They are not fussy about not being able to do things like drawing or making crafts. There are

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Transform Your Child with Right Brain Parenting

Parenting sometimes can be a daunting task as we strive to apply unusual methods to bring up the child. Create a genius baby with knowledge to stimulate the right brain in a non linear and intuitive

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Eliminate the Struggle to Learn numbers with Speed Math

Students can learn math better when they have an enjoyable approach to it. The right brain speed math activities use flash cards or visuals in colour form that helps children

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Visual training/Eye Training/Ocular Movement Training for improving brain function

Our visual system is the most important part of our body that occupies most of the area of the brain process. Proper eye movements control our

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Respond Right Education (RRE) is a creatively designed curriculum by Jay Dhami and Kavisha Sheth for the early right brain development of your child. By travelling across different countries they have deeply studied the right brain exercises for kids and come up with a successful method. More

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