A typical class would be of around 60 minutes and will be conducted once a week.

Our program has been developed based on more than 30 years of continuous research in Japan. Children who grow up with our program learn emotional and intellectual balance (EQ and IQ). They remain passionate and curious - two elements vital for their inner happiness and outer success. Respond Right education program is an awakening. Children raised in a heart-based program become sensitive, wise, passionate, curious, loving and kind human beings.

A right brain classroom is full of hugs and praise, smiles and cheer, giggles and deep sighs of relaxation.

Linking Memory

Linking memory is an unlinked story which can be linked in different ways by different brains. Linking memory makes you think out of the box which is not logical because to remember a story, you need to find connection between unrelated objects eg.. Cloud and information had no connection a decade back but today we retrieve information from the cloud so people who think out of the box are the next billionaires.


Song is a special type of speech which is rhythmic. Introducing music at an early age helps one to be self expressive and brings about mind-body coordination. Rhythmics activity at Respond Right Education Centre stimulates right creative brain thereby developing focus, concentration, coordination, self-confidence and language. Our Rhythmics activity gives students an educational and enjoyable experience.

Flash cards

Respond Right Education has introduced one of the methods to stimulate the right brain called Flash Cards. It brings about fast recognition of images and helps to analyse them in multiple variations. Early childhood is a phase when it is easy to input information into the memory. Many topics of interest are introduced to your child in this section at a faster pace enhancing their concentration and general knowledge.

Alpha Wave Meditation

Alpha Wave Meditation release alpha brain waves that help a child collect any information like a sponge. A child in Alpha wave state is considered to be in a high state of tranquillity and can work actively with all the information in the subconscious mind. These dominant waves reduce levels of stress hormone cortisol and help one to become more focused, creative and stress free.

Energy Absorption Techniques

Law of conservation of energy tells; energy cannot be destroyed & nor it can be created it can only be transformed from negative energy to positive energy & vice versa. Positive energy is collected from the universe in the form of an activity which gives information to the child & at the end of the activity the negative energy from the body is removed. Our energy absorption techniques make them emotionally strong & successful in life.

Photographic Memory

Photographic memory is the ability of the brain to remember several things either at once, randomly or in a single order. Photographic memory is the ability to retain visual information in your mind such as license plates, group of objects arranged, pages of book or magazine, series of pictures flashed, etc. Research tells it can only be developed at younger age and has nothing to do with the intelligence level.

Speed Math

Learning math with pictures and dots is better way to learn compared to the traditional method of writing it over and over and by-hearting a concept. RRE utilizes right brain elements like math flash cards and worksheets for quantity recognition along with colourful images and objects that help children learn basic

Musical Empathy

Music enhances communication skills and social interaction in children. It nurtures a child's emotional quotient and develops empathy towards music and various cultures. This activity involves feeling a rhythm and responding with various actions to understand the world and science around us. This improves their ability to interpret facial expressions and body language in an enjoyable way.

Audio Recognition

Children in the early stages of their lives perceive things and situations from the right brain first. Hearing and seeing are fundamental senses which make life meaningful. Audio recognition is at the optimal level for kids between 6 to 10 years of age .In these activities different kinds of fun verbal sounds are played where kids recognise the audio. This helps in building higher social values in them and boosts their brain power.

Ocular Movement Training

Eye training is essential in children to improve speed learning abilities. Ocular movement training is an important activity to strengthen the eyes of children suffering from poor vision & eyestrain. This activity involves giving information through visual representations that broadens the vision & improves movement of eyes in different directions with concentration. This makes children successful in grabbing information more successfully from the books.


Mandala is an activity of capturing a holistic image that is flashed for few seconds in your mind and then replicating it with geometrical pattern and colors on a worksheet. This activity helps to train observation skills and improves your concentration. Mandala is the first step to speed reading and also develops the photographic memory of your child.

Foreign Language

Before the age of 10 right brain can grasp 5-6 different languages simultaneously without getting confused. At RRE we teach them basics of different foreign languages. Introducing foreign language at early age boosts not only critical thinking skills, creativity, sensitivity but also fosters sense of humanity, friendship, and diversity awareness.

"Boost your right brain; open your pathway to love"

Respond Right


Respond Right Education (RRE) is a creatively designed curriculum by Jay Dhami and Kavisha Sheth for the early right brain development of your child. By travelling across different countries they have deeply studied the right brain exercises for kids and come up with a successful method. More

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