When they are ready to fly

Between the age of 4.5-7 children have spurting energy. They want to experiment, play, express their views; wants to be treated as an adult! They are like an erupting volcano.

They are the most tender, gentle and fragile one and needs to be handled and protected with immense care and delicacy. They start getting logical with the exposure in school and home; they keep their vivid imaginations in to the box.

We believe future of humanity is kids moving into imagination to fully turn their minds inside out and inhibit spaces that are build and shaped by minds, thoughts and intentionality, The world is full of imaginary things waiting for our senses to grow sharper and we at respond right channelize their inner wisdom of right brain by engaging their imagination with various activities like learning with lot of materials and experiments, with giving ample of information to know the world better.

"If right brain was simple enough to be developed, Humans would be too simple to understand it."

Respond Right


Respond Right Education (RRE) is a creatively designed curriculum by Jay Dhami and Kavisha Sheth for the early right brain development of your child. By travelling across different countries they have deeply studied the right brain exercises for kids and come up with a successful method. More

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