"Play a part in preparing students in left brain schools to enter a right brain world"

Respond Right Education offers teachers a unique opportunity to be a part of a young and passionate organization. At RRE teachers grow not only professionally but also personally as a result of continuous trainings. Since we are an after school activity you can work part time with us as well.

Its good if teachers are qualified (E.C.C.ED qualification) but if not we are particularly looking out for teachers, young mothers with following attributes.

Passion to teach playfully

Proficiency in English

Enthusiastic, lively & confident

Ability to create loving, supportive & energetic environment.

If you would like to join our team of talented and dedicated teachers and staff, please send your application and resume to

"Choose a job not on money but as a part of life worth living.
"We pay good" "

Respond Right


Respond Right Education (RRE) is a creatively designed curriculum by Jay Dhami and Kavisha Sheth for the early right brain development of your child. By travelling across different countries they have deeply studied the right brain exercises for kids and come up with a successful method. More

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