Taking the first steps

Between 1 to 3 years of age a child undergoes a phenomenal phase of brain development, where the brain is like a sponge. It absorbs given information at a faster pace and so activities for this age group are full of curiosity and natural desire to know more, learn more and thus absorb more.

They enter in the world of make believe where creativity is the key to growth and we nurture the same by exposing them to various medium of learning.

At this age they are highly observant and have developing vision. They start developing social and emotional behaviour; start interacting with peer group, play games to improve their knowledge and physical development. We at respond right help these children to accelerate both their heart and mind by working on their emotional bonding and expressions through colourful mediums and gentle training.

"Right Brain is like a parachute , it works only when you open it."

Respond Right


Respond Right Education (RRE) is a creatively designed curriculum by Jay Dhami and Kavisha Sheth for the early right brain development of your child. By travelling across different countries they have deeply studied the right brain exercises for kids and come up with a successful method. More

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