Founder Speaks!

Jay Dhami

As founder and CEO of RESPOND RIGHT EDUCATION, Jay Dhami believes being a father to a child is more important and challenging job than anything else. It is adventurous and exciting to become a parent but along with that fun element comes a responsibility to nurture your child and maximize his intelligence.

However, becoming a father is precisely what inspired him to launch this right brain education program and hence "RESPOND RIGHT EDUCATION" !!! He also believes that the Brain is merely an organ, but the mind is creative. Creative mind always hunts for things rather than acquiring, so today this creative mind has made him an IT Engineer to a stock broker to a finalist of a reality show on television to the founder of this company.

He believes the future belongs to artists, innovators, creative storytellers and holistic right brain thinkers and thus with his excellent organizational and motivational skills he has successfully institutionalized the concept of right brain education amongst the top notch schools of Mumbai.

His vision is to launch the first right brain preschool in India to contribute towards the development of early childhood education.

Kavisha Sheth

Kavisha, the Founder of Respond Right Education is an education enthusiast. Her passion to improve the quality of education and her love for children served as a motivational catalyst in starting this new program. A child at heart herself, Kavisha has an uncanny ability to relate to children in their own childlike innocence and mischief.

She believes that heart-based playful and informative learning is vital not only for right brain development, but also for lifelong health and happiness as well. When embraced, right brain thinking becomes a way of living, not just learning.

Kavisha did her Bachelors in Management Studies. After completing her degree, she has worked in the industry for around 3 years and has also cleared CFA Level 2 (US CFA Institute). Her corporate working experience in CRISIL, coupled with her vibrant personality, helps her to be an outstanding professional in training and handling of operational issues.

Additionally, her exceptional communication and social skills enable her to function seamlessly. She strongly believes that effective communication with parents is essential to a child's development. Being surrounded by children everyday, her passion for teaching children grows each day and her desire is to see children foster and develop in all aspects - mentally, physically, socially and emotionally; which motivates her in her role as an educator, mentor and curriculum developer at Respond Right.

Jay and Kavisha together, do their best to create an environment that makes learning an enjoyable experience. So come learn with us this exciting new program - Respond Early, Respond Right!!!

"Respond Right restores, renews, redeems, revives, reclaims, recalls and so does Right Brain."

Respond Right


Respond Right Education (RRE) is a creatively designed curriculum by Jay Dhami and Kavisha Sheth for the early right brain development of your child. By travelling across different countries they have deeply studied the right brain exercises for kids and come up with a successful method. More

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