When they are growing up

Between the age of 3-4.5, children have a sense of self. They are inquisitive to know more in everything they are introduced to; their brain needs the correct feed. The age when they have if's and buts' and why's to be answered.

Here they need to get engaged in activities which develop their attention span, concentration, observation and communication skills.

They gain independence with self-care skills, etiquettes, social behaviour, identify good things bad things, learn complex rhythmic patterns, and develop writing skills using both hands . They are highly imaginative.

To nurture their mental growth we start developing their imagination on a right track, feed lot of information, teach them memorizing techniques and problem solving skills in fun filled way.

"The right brain gives the heart its sight and the heart gives the whole brain its vision."

Respond Right


Respond Right Education (RRE) is a creatively designed curriculum by Jay Dhami and Kavisha Sheth for the early right brain development of your child. By travelling across different countries they have deeply studied the right brain exercises for kids and come up with a successful method. More

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