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Tiera's mother(Vibgyor High, Malad)

"My daughter Tiera is very happy with the RRE class ...the knowgledge gained frm RRE is remarkable...she's inquisite about countries like Iceland, Washington dc, Japan...etc etc...once she came home and told us that this is the last supper potrait....which was indeed shocking for us...overall very nice experience & feel good that we sent her to the RRE classes"

Vihant's mother (Spring Buds International, Juhu)

"We have seen lot of positive changes in Vihant after joining respond right sessions.He has started identifying lot of objects around him e.g. Flowers, fruits, colours etc. He has become more confident and adaptive.His vocabulary has increased a lot.He has gradually become comfortable with the sessions and looks forward for it every Saturday."

Neeva's mother (Podar, Kandivali east)

"I have seen quite a transformation in my daughter after we enrolled her in the Respond Right Education program. She has become more observant and attentive. Her communication skills have become better. Thank you RRE for making my kid smart."

Krusha's mother(VibgyorHigh, Borivali)

"According to me Respond Right classes are very different and have new methods for teaching kids. My child has become more proactive after attending this classes"..

Daiwik's Mom (Eager Beavers, Kandivali west)

"Hii... This is daiwiks third level...I am very much satisfied with him...He has improved alot...in first two levels also I have seen lots of improvement in him...as in... He is trying to speak some words of French too...in school they hv nt yet started writing. Bt Daiwik is writing A to F ....and even nos...1 to 10...He is gud in memorising objects...colours..etc..In each level he is developing a step ahead...He was nt speaking English...at the time of 1 st level.. nw he is speaking eng...even at home.. Kavita teacher is very nice...her way of teaching is excellent.. Daiwik is very much comfortable with her....I am fully satisfied with both the teachers..."

Shreyan's mother(BhaktiVedanta School, Andheri)

"My main concern regarding my son Shreyan has been that he had been introvert, it is not easy for him to speak with people, be it only be greeting them. He has been very selective in making friends and playing with kids of his age. The biggest change that I have seen him after these classes is that he had started interacting with people, greeting them and he has started playing with other kids and making friends. Among other change that I notice in him is that his concentration has increased. I am happy with Respond Right Education Course and with its team, especially thanks Dimple Teacher for making Shreyan comfortable."

Rudra's mother (Vibgyor High, Malad)

"Hi..I wanted to thank you n your team for the efforts you all take to bring the positive change in kids...dis is what I have seen in my kid...after joining RRE, there was drastic change in his overall personality....as in he has mellow down a lot....started recognizing different things n also linking them in different ways....started communicating with others a lot now....these all changes are seen in him even by outsiders....so thanks a lot...n he really enjoy coming to RRE class"

Jayden's mother(VibgyorHigh, Borivali)

"Respond Right classes are really good.My child's learning and talking skills are improved all thanks to Respond Right. It was a great pleasure of being apart of Respond Right Education with Sushma mam and her team. With your help and support Jayden has learnt a lot as he takes his first step to his learning. "Students will forget what the books taught but they will never forget what the teacher said"

Arjun's Mom (Spring Buds International, Juhu)

"As a parent I am extremely happy with respond right and Arjun's development. He thoroughly enjoys his class and his memory has definitely become sharper. Teachers Neha and Yasmin are very engaging and make sure all the children learn which is very important. Overall am very happy and would definitely like to go ahead with future classes."

Zoraan's Mother(Vibgyor High, Goregaon)

"Respond Right Education has brought out my child's potential, strengths and weaknesses..It has been a fascinating journey for ZORAAN; gaining knowledge every step of the way. His grasping powers have been furherstrenghthened along with a better focus and alertness than before. The ability and confidence to respond spontaneously has improved to a great extent, I am sure that his Teacher Mrs.Shivangini will continue to motivate the students in this third level. Many thanks"

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